Partnership Announcement

May 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce today a new partnership between Kelstar Aviation and Total Pilot Solutions. Two great Dublin based companies coming together to offer the perfect blend of safety, operational experience, regulatory compliance, and customer service to clients in the Aircraft Delivery Services arena.

Kelstar Aviation is a flight operations support and training company with a wealth of knowledge and experience in quality assurance, safety management, technical oversight and regulatory compliance. Kelstar Aviation has an existing customer base including leasing companies, banks and airlines and has been building a solid structure and suite of EASA compliant solutions for the ferry flight industry.

Total Pilot Solutions is a crewing agency with extensive experience in cockpit and technical recruitment. TPS staff have been managing aircraft delivery projects for almost a decade including crewing, fuel provision, ground handling, permits, flight planning and everything else required for successful ferry flights. TPS has been very active with ferry flight support and aircraft deliveries in the past 12 months and an ever growing client list including leasing companies, CAMOs, OEMs and airlines.

This partnership sees the experience and transitions knowledge of Total Pilot Solutions married to the management systems and operational expertise of Kelstar Aviation resulting in a best in class service for all clients, operating exclusively under the Kelstar Aviation Part NCC and Part SPO-MCF products.

Steve Kelly, MD Kelstar Aviation said: “The industry is growing with an increasing trend towards regulatory oversight. We see some authorities such as Austria and Norway already requiring Part NCC compliance for private operations including ferry flights and there is a gap in the market for a provider that has a different approach. We know that other authorities are already making preparations for Part NCC requirements to be observed. The Total Pilot Solutions team supported our recent Part SPO-MCF application (Maintenance Check Flight approval) and at a management level we have a long standing relationship reaching back over more than 8 years. It makes sense to combine our extensive experience and create a rock solid offering for anyone with ferry flight or demonstration flight requirements.”

Jen Fleming, MD Total Pilot Solutions said: “We’ve been very impressed with the approach that the guys at Kelstar have taken over the past year in raising the standards and service levels within the ferry flight field. Really things started to get serious when the Kelstar team successfully submitted their Part NCC manuals and processes to the Irish Aviation Authority last October. We’ve been cooperating for several months now, but formalising this partnership means that an even more robust and reliable ferry flight offering is available to our customers. Having moved hundreds of aircraft over the past decade myself I’m personally excited to continue working with Steve, Ray, Declan and the full team at Kelstar to expand our horizons together.”

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