Kelstar Aviation Makes Part NCC Declaration to Irish Aviation Authority

October 16, 2020

Kelstar Aviation today became one of the first operators of ferry flight services in Europe to make a full declaration to the Irish Aviation Authority in compliance with EU Part NCC regulations. This declaration is accompanied by a suite of bespoke risk management manuals including Emergency Response Plan Manual, Safety Management System Manual, Operations Manual and Management System Manual.

With an experienced team of nominated postholders to complete the requisite organisational requirements Kelstar Aviation is very excited to help raise the standards to which all operators are required to adhere when operating delivery flights, positioning flights for maintenance/repainting, demonstration flights and all other private operations falling under the Part NCC category (Non-Commercial).

Managing Director Steve Kelly said: “We’re thrilled to have reached this milestone in such a short time period – one silver lining of recent challenging times – we’ve been working closely with the Irish Aviation Authority. Our inspector and the NCC team has been really supportive about the Part NCC approach being applied to ferry flights as was originally intended. There are no additional costs on the leasing companies or owners just better oversight. The whole team here at Kelstar has been involved with the process and we’re very proud of the result. We look forward to serving leasing companies, airlines, MROs and private owners who wish to have a compliant, but hassle-free and economical service.”

Steve went on to outline “It’s all about the team at Kelstar Aviation – we will work hand in hand with leasing company project managers providing transparency and availability. Our team has extensive experience in Flight Operations Management at international airlines. Our experience includes nominated person (post holder) roles along with quality assurance, safety management, technical oversight, regulatory compliance and IOSA audit positions. Building on our operational experience both inside and outside the cockpit we deliver reliable, efficient, and responsive solutions.”

Kelstar Aviation also offers Aircraft Management, Training and Consultancy services.

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